Kristen and Prim - Sheila Armstrong Photography

What a fabulous day we had!  Before I go any future I need to send out a special thank you to Sarah Kriegl for all her work helping Prim (horse's name for those who don't know) look so Fabulous!  I anyone out there is looking for tips on what a horse should look like before a photoshoot this is your gal!!!  It is funny how we get ourselves ready for these special days and we forget that other special friends need to look as good as we do!  I know when I did my first shoot with my horse Annie, I never even gave it too much of a thought!! But not the next time, she is going to get the royal treatment from Sarah for sure!!

Our setting was a beautiful spot on the Vedder River here in Chilliwack, and a great day it was!  A bit of Sun, a bit of water and few bugs!  What more can expect from an late spring evening!  FUN!!  Enough already I should start posting a few pictures! 


As the session went on we got plenty of beautiful shots of Kristen's love for her horse!  This is what I love to do for sure!  Can't wait for the next horse and rider shoot!  Book your today!



Thanks Kristen and Prim!!!